Countdown To An Opportunity

On race morning November 1, 2015, runner Grace Kim found herself featured atop the official website page of the TCS-sponsored New York City Marathon. With millions of images available, it seemed more than a one-in-a-million chance that Ms. Kim would be selected as a visage capturing the spirit of triumph and accomplishment of completing the historic 26.2 mile endurance race.

Coincidentally, years earlier, when the race was still sponsored by ING, Grace Kim was part of a fledgling New York City company called Countdown Apparel, which had invented a new product designed to allow users to wear a changeable countdown.

One of the very first Countdowns imagined was for the NYC Marathon - potentially creating a totally new revenue stream for race sponsors wishing to provide thousands of race participants and millions of observers worldwide with a way to purchase interactive race-themed merchandise anticipating the days left until the world's most famous road race.

Trademarked TCS/NYRR Countdown Apparel would be a unique product that, unlike current merchandise, has no expiration date. When the TAGHeuer Countdown Clock strikes zero, we simply start counting down to next year's race.

Ms. Kim is also a brand ambassador for out-going sponsor Asics. Who better than Grace Kim to add another New York story to this great race that the whole world can share - and wear - in future events?


Grace Kim Models Early Version of Marathon Countdown Apparel


Why Countdown Apparel Could Be Great For TCS/NYRR & Partners

- As a totally new revenue stream, it's a great, attractive product that NYRR can sell exclusively to raise money for its numerous charitable endeavors and can be utilized to Count Down to other NYRR-sponsored annual or special events.

- CDA is a fantastic marketing and advertising tool, focusing attention on the race - and how far off in the distance it is - no matter the season every time it's worn.

- Changeable quality assures indefinite shelf life: current merchandise loses at least half its value the moment the race begins. Not true of CDA, which simply restarts the clock to count down 'til next year's race.

- CDA allows TCS/NYRR to sell always-relevant apparel highlighting the world's most famous race year round.

- Builds anticipation and allows even those who are not participating in the run to feel the excitement leading up to race day and spread the word wherever they are.

- An equally great goodbye keepsake from Asics or an awesome and memorable hello from New Balance for 2017.

- Unique, Interactive design practically sells itself.